The Social Contract for Building Pipelines

How building Canada’s pipelines can lower global greenhouse gas emissions and meet CRTC targets to connect rural communities with high-speed telecommunications. Can Canadians come together to build a better future for the next generation? What if we could enjoy the economic benefits of supporting the GDP from our largest industry? What if Canadians could help…

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Benefits of the Internet Exchange

An Internet Exchange (IE) allows networks to exchange local Internet traffic, providing high-bandwidth and reducing the average delivery cost. Users located in the same city can exchange local traffic, without having to cross international borders, while greatly reducing latency. The primary advantages of an IE include: Cost Latency Bandwidth Cost – traffic passing through an…

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Last Mile Communications – What option works for your Organization?

Communications is considered an essential service and is vital for any organization to maintain business continuity. Companies that operate in remote locations rely heavily on their network to provide real-time data. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an emerging trend that offers advanced connectivity of devices, systems, sensors and services to improve operational efficiency.…

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