2020 (April) – Mt. Morice

Early April, amidst the uncertainty of a world-wide pandemic, investigation of the other 3 tower sites began. The entire project team came together and following all protocols, mitigated the risks to an acceptable level for everyone involved. The crew found 2 sites that were mostly wind-blown and accessible to begin work, while the 3rd site,…

Parsnip - January 2020

2020 (January) – Parsnip

Rigstar implemented a Long-Haul Cellular service solution to the Parsnip Camp and upgraded the Microwave Wireless Data capacity into the camp from 300Mbps to 1Gbps. Rigstar had to access a mountain top repeater tower to install cellular and microwave gear via a 14km Snowmobile only access trail. Our team was able to complete the install…


2019 (December) – Mount Morice – Jim Marshall Memorial

It has taken almost a year to obtain land permits and licensing to start construction of the site. This location is essential for servicing three of the camps: Huckleberry, 9A, and P2 with high-speed Internet and will provide additional two-way digital coverage for the east end of section 8. The Rigstar team, along with our…


2019 (November) – 1st Mountain Top Repeater

Rigstar, along with our valued contractors: Sienna Networks, Tetra Tech Canada, and Axis Mountain Technical successfully installed our first Mountain Top Repeater. The repeater is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and will service the Hunter Creek camp and surrounding area.