2021 (January) – Mount Morice

As we are experiencing one of mildest winters in Calgary, that hasn’t been the case on the mountain-top sites in northern BC. The ice and frost on the towers look amazing but reminds us of how extreme the conditions are and the reason for over-engineering the structures. We have 3 of the 4 sites in…

SCCM 1 - 1-1

2020 (November) – Little Mount Elizabeth

Final preparations of the tower foundation at Little Mount Elizabeth (SCCM-1) were completed in mid-September and required additional engineering. Once completed our team was able to pour the foundation and finish constructing the tower. Currently 2 of the 4 sites are operating at full capacity and the 3rd site requires final alignments and commissioning.

Little-Mt-Elizabeth - 1-3

2020 (August) – Thermal Peak

Scheduling activities was delayed further due to unstable weather (heavy precipitation). The entire month of July, Rigstar managed 4-days of accessibility to Little Mount Elizabeth where we completed the drilling and grouting for the tower foundation. While Little Mount Elizabeth was not able to progress, we scheduled the larger 212 HP helicopter for the shelter…


2020 (June) – Corona Peak Tower

Excellent weather conditions in early May allowed us to have 2 crews working continuously. One crew worked on foundations and structures at Corona Peak while the other continued similar operations at Thermal Peak. Additional excavation of the uneven rock was performed at both sites to reduce the amount of concrete material required to level the…


2020 (April) – Mt. Morice

Early April, amidst the uncertainty of a world-wide pandemic, investigation of the other 3 tower sites began. The entire project team came together and following all protocols, mitigated the risks to an acceptable level for everyone involved. The crew found 2 sites that were mostly wind-blown and accessible to begin work, while the 3rd site,…