Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

A distributed antenna system or DAS is a network of antennas that are connected to a common source and redistributed to increase cellular coverage throughout a specific area or structure. Distributed antenna systems consolidate all the wireless connections a building will require that include: cellular, emergency bands and Wi-Fi; into a few centralized locations and then route the signals from those connections through a single wireless antenna infrastructure that is deployed throughout the building.

A distributed antenna system can be deployed indoors (iDas) or outdoors (oDAS). Rigstar Technicians are highly trained and have extensive experience with installing and supporting a DAS network.

Our system has the option to allow for remote monitoring that provides 24/7 visibility into the network, ensuring the system is operating efficiently. If a disruption is detected our NOC will be able to remotely access the system and administer troubleshooting procedures.

Remote Camp – DAS Design


Remote Camp
Cellular Enhancement

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Cell Boosters

Cell Boosters
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Wi-Fi Hotspots
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Fiber Optics

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Rigstar Cellular Enhancement

Cellular Enhancement

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)
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Wi-Fi Hotspots

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Video Monitoring

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Communication Towers

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